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Find Propane Tanks in West Warwick

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Lil' Rhody Storage offers propane tanks and tank replacements in West Warwick, RI. 

If you bring our tank back for your refill or exchange, we’ll even give you a 10% discount. 

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Exchange Checklist

To assure your safety and proper operation, all propane exchange cylinders must meet local, state, and federal regulations. In accordance with NFPA 58 standards and NPGA Safety Bullet No. 118, please do not ask for an exception. Eligible DOT cylinders will require an OPD valve at DOT recertification.

Protective Collar, Foot Ring, and Gas Valve

20# cylinders without collar, foot ring, AND gas valve are not approved for exchange.

Excessive Dents

20# cylinders with excessive dents are not approved for exchange.

Excessive Rust

20# cylinders with excessive rust are not approved for exchange.

D.O.T. Labels

20# cylinders without PROPER 1075 gas labels are not approved for exchange.


20# cylinders without POL plug or Dust cap are not approved for exchange.


Cylinders with a 4” protective collar, foot ring, upright gas valve, no severe rust or dents, proper required 1075 D.O.T. label, and POL Plug or Dust Cap for Valve Opening are Approved for Exchange.

Important Notices

Federal and state regulations require hauling propane cylinders secured in a vertical position.

Overfilling of propane containers is in violation of State and Federal Laws. 

State Law prohibits the use of propane cylinders larger than one pound in living areas for comfort heating. We refuse to exchange cylinders that are intended for this purpose. 

All propane cylinders for exchange must have a visual external inspection by a certified propane dealer 12 years after the date of manufacture and every 5 years thereafter.

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